How it works without mentioning Sexual questions clients ask on the phone?

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Hi there, when clients call if mentioning sexual services they require or the escorts provide is not legal or have legal issues, how about mentioning the kind of service the girls are willing to provide on our official website? would that not have a legal implications? some escort sites i have researched go as far as mentioning extra payments for anal etc. please some one clarify that for me.

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Very Good question

The best and safest way to do this is to list the services on their profile page. Don't forget their profile page is information they have given you. The escort has asked you to add this information to her profile and so you are simply following her request.

By listing the services on the website, when clients ask in depth questions about services you can simply say "All that information is clearly laid out on the website sir".

Hope this helps?
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That is absolutely helpful. Thank you very much for your quick response. i guess when registering the girls we can have a form for them to fill and keep that in their file.
once again many thanks for your quick response.
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Check out this directory I would say that is the perfect example of how you would have your girl profiles laid out, you need to give punters some information to go off but of course you need to make it discreet and that you are actually paying for the girls time.
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At our agency the Asian escorts in London we provide list services on their website. You are right though, all of the services listed are things that our girls want to offer and have asked us to list them. It is what they enjoy doing when they go on dates and this is an important part of escorting. People are only paying for time with our oriental escorts and these companions like to let their clients know what they are in to in case they like each other on the date. Everything that happens is between two consensual adults, it is what our companions like, not what our agencies offer.