Why Girls comes in escort profession ?

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It is shameful that anybody sell his/her body for earn but some peoples do it. What is best way to get rid of this evils ?

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It's not shameful at all. It's one of the oldest professions in the world, in fact, if you believe in the bible, some say, Jesus's friend, Mary Magdaline was a prostitute. Hey, if Jesus could accept it then who are we to judge.

Because the industry is judged quite harshly, most escorts lead a double life. Any pictures on the net you can blur your face. It's also important not to use your real name.

You're always going to get people say it's immoral and wrong bla bla bla. The types of people that say this are normally unattractive women, uncomfortable with their bodies and see sex as a taboo. Something that should only be done in the privacy of the bedroom with their husband.

While we are on this subject, let's address the many women that go clubbing, get men to buy them drinks and end up sleeping with them. Women will tell you it's different! But, they sleep with someone for a few drinks, escorts earn good money, who's the stupid one? In my book, any women that's had a one night stand has basically been an escort.

If you are thinking of being an escort, here's a few tips:

1. Tell your close friends and the people in your life you know will understand. If being an escort is going to upset people, don't tell them, ignorance is bliss! You must tell some people if you're an escort as you need people you can talk to.

2. Only see the clients you want to see. People outside the industry think you have to sleep with people you don't want to. This is not true! As an independent escort you can pick and choose your clients. Start an email conversation and then suss them out over the phone first. If you're ever in an appointment where you feel uncomfortable you can always make your excuses and leave.

3. Safety first - Always let a close friend know where you are. Maybe have someone you can text when you reach an appointment and then when you've left so your friend knows you're safe. Always let someone know where you are.

I really hope this helps?
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Jesus's never say in any place that prostitutionion is legal. Only some people who can not control their sexual desire is the main reason to birth of prostitutionion. If every man and women have will power to control their habits then no girl come in this profession.
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Hello Dear, I am alena hows you! So you question is "Is it shameful to be an escort"
So here is your answer 'a big NO!'
I am an escort not a prostitute, and there are lots of difference between both of them. Yes Prostitution is bad some time but while you are talking about Escorting then let me tell you that this is a term where an girl/boy will completely agree for this and it is not about only sexual satisfaction even if you are personally asking to me it is help me to rid my mentally stress and lots of more. And i don't thing that is shameful or anything wrong if i ll get some money for it as well. So dear in short i would say i feel nothing bad to be and love this title "I am one of the self dependent & happy Leeds Escorts"
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Hello, Miss Alena,

You say that Prostitution is bad some time but I say it is bad every time. You will give it good names like comapnionship or escorts but no any society will accept it from any name. For your kind information I want to tell that you can give good names to your bad habites & professions but everyone know evil is evil. I want to ask you question that in the role of girl or women you have some reponsbilities about your society, family & coming generation , then tell me what lesson you passing to them. There are many other ways to get rid off mentally stress and earn money so why you choose this profession ?
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Hello, I think due to some financial problems, girls come in escort profession. Prostitution is not legal in any country. We are the hot Manchester escorts agency in UK.
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We are the Manchester Escorts Services agency and we are also in this profession. We do not pressurize to come in this profession. We think, due to facing some financial problems or others, girls have no way to do so they choose this profession.
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I accepted it that Prostitution is run as escort profession but some time girls are only provide fair services like business meetings representative or in a social event perform as anchor. I think it OK if girls & women's are not do unethical activities. I have also run agency name Carat Models London but only provide fair services.
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  • There is nothing shameful about the Escort Industry. There are many Girls providing a service to both men AND women. There are many reasons that individuals will go to escorts and many reasons that men AND women become escorts. People make a healthy living from escorting and plenty of individuals are allowed a release by visiting them. Escorting is different to prostitution and speaking of a healthy living, if you want to stay sexually healthy you are better off with an escort than some young ladies who offer these services for free and without any protection as someone previously mentioned, after a drink and a night out or worse. A quick message on a dating site! Escorts have standards and limits and care very much about their own well being. As with any service provider, escorts should be respected and also protected as there are some evils out there and it isn't them. We have lazy young people sleeping around willy nilly and getting pregnant with 4 possible fathers before they even get a job, then we have young escorts who choose this profession in order to pay off a university education whilst also having clean fun and ensuring that others also have clean fun. The question 'how can we get rid of these evils?' Should not be directed at escorts. As for the lessons that are passed on, the same way laws are created by individuals in society so are stigmas. For young ladies who come from a place where the economy is so poor that jobs are not readily available, if they enjoy accompanying people then good, the wages are great. This even occurs in societies where the economy is flourishing. Of course this is not something you would teach your daughter down to stigmas. However, I respect a woman who wants to be able to pay for an education or future for her children that she didn't have access to and I don't respect a woman who drinks a lot in front of her kids, drowns her sorrows on benefits, doesn't pay any attention to them and teaches them all the wrong lessons in life. Funnily enough, they are not so frowned upon. Why? Because they act like animals yet keep their clothes on? There are women completely covered who misbehave and deceive men. There are ladies who are NOT escorts that teach their young daughters to marry for money and not for love (this is common amongst wealthy women). So this is not shameful I guess. It is and also deceptive too! These are honest Girls (most of them) earning an honest living. At the end of the day each to their own opinion and if you aren't considering being an escort or visiting one it probably shouldn't be your concern.
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I often find that the Asian Escorts we recruit join us for many reasons, but honestly, the main thing I find is that these girls, boys and shemales are all just adventurous and open-minded.

Some people love being an escort whilst others are "only in it for the money", if you sound like the latter than this probably isn't the industry for you. You'll likely have to deal with a lot of problems before you realise that this job isn't as easy as it seems...

On that note, becoming an escort in London isn't always the worst job in the world, especially if you're interested in exploring your sexuality and meeting new people. Testing the waters of new fetishes with somebody you may never meet again is a great way to find out what makes you tick, without the repercussions of "somebody knowing what you're in to".

So long as you join a reputable London escort agency (like Naughty Shemales), I'm more than certain that you will be safe and excited for the days ahead!

If you ever have any questions about the industry feel free to shoot me over a message and I will be more than happy to help where possible!