Should I tell agency about my autism?

Hi everyone!

I'm hoping this is appropriate...

I've been punting for 25+ years now. About three years ago I got diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. This was a revelation as it made sense of my difficulties with real relationships. I now punt once a month, within budget and a framework of complete self acceptanxe. I do however get quite nervous in the early part of the booking and verbally incontinent later on (normslly post-coital.) i know that this could be potentially disconcerting for the WG and wondered if it would be better for me to explain this to the agency before the booking. There still exists a lack of understanding for us on the spectrum however I feel that the service provided by yourselves for someone in my situation is frankly marvellous!

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Hey Mark

Great post and just by asking the question shows what a caring person you are!

If this was a physical disability or something more obvious that could make the WG feel awkward like a skin rash then I would certainly be tempted to alert the agency to pre warn the girl in question. Getting nervous in the early part of the booking is normal and most punters experience this. A good WG will spot this and hopefully make you feel at ease to enjoy your time together. The only thing I would say to the agency is you like a good chat so if English is your first language (I'm guessing it is) then ask the agency for a WG that speaks fluent English and also enjoys a conversation, or two. In my experience I have found that Thai escorts are the most chatty and also the best at putting me at ease. Just make sure the booking is with a WG that speaks good English.

Any reputable agency should listen to your requests and advise you accordingly. A happy customer is a returning customer!

I hope this helps Mark? and thatnk you for posting.
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That's great. Thank you. I'd welcome WG input too.
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Hello, I work for an agency in London. You will be happy to hear that both agencies and punters will be more than accepting of your autism. Depending on how severe it is, you may not even have to mention it, however if you feel that it may at some point affect the way in which you perform it may be worthwhile mentioning it so that the agency is better able to accommodate your needs.

I hope I was able to help!
10 Months
Very good question, I would personally tell them before your booking I guess it allows the girls to accommodate to your needs and make your feel extremely comfortable, I work for an agency called Movida Escorts and I would much prefer for the client to mention this before a booking.

For example what happens if I turn up and I don't recognise what your disability is? I will feel very uncomfortable to ask you what's up.
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Totally tell them it will only benefit you during your London escort booking!
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In order to ensure you are matched with the very best person in the agency, honesty is probably the best policy. A reputable agency should be able to deal with this sensitively and would be guided by you as to the level of chattiness you require. In our agency at Euphoria Palace (female owned and run, by the way) we have personal and direct experience of working and living with people who are on the autism spectrum - so you would be in good hands!
This shouldn't ever be an issue and explaining it when booking would mean you get the very best service possible.