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I created this thread to help people new to the industry find their way through their career safely. Becoming a successful escort isn't as easy as it may seem and whilst some only join the industry for a short time, others make it a career and doing so takes guts, skill, beauty and intelligence.

It's important when deciding to join the escort industry to first ask why you're choosing to do it and this can help you further down the line when making important decisions like which clients you would like to meet, where you would like to travel, which services you offer and which agencies (if any) you choose to join.

The first step to becoming an escort in LondonBecoming an escort in London is no easy task, the UK is a very competitive marketplace for any industry and with escorts on the rise its no surprise that people are being taken advantage of instead of prospering in this emerging industry.

If you are serious about becoming a London escort there are a few things worth taking in to account before beginning your journey:

  • What is your start up capital?
    Are you highly educated?
    What services do you enjoy?
    Do you have a particular selling point? (Asian, blonde, busty etc.)
    Do you know anybody in the industry?
    Do you have professional photographs?
Whilst these are all factors worth considering, there are ways of maximising your likely hood to become successful in this industry if you do not hit every point, so don't worry!

When people join this industry there are five main paths: social companionship, BDSM, international companionship, massage and sex-work. All of which come with their own risks and rewards and it's up to you to decide which part of the escort scene is most suited to your skills and experience.

Independent Escorts VS Agency Escorts

Choosing whether to become an independent escort or an agency escort is a big decision and one which is worth serious consideration. Like anything, sacrifices will have to be made to make your career in the escort industry successful.

Whether you're an independent escort or an agency escort you're sure to have to take some risks, make some big decisions and make some sacrifices in order to be successful.

Becoming an agency escort is probably the easier option for a few following reasons:

  • A brand has been established
  • Drivers will usually be provided
  • Safety is usually prioritised
  • You can gain experience from colleagues
  • Minimal personal investment
With this being said, a lot of this comes down to which agency you're choosing to join and how successful the agency is. Each and every agency has different policies, rates and cuts which they will take from your earnings in order to provide you with drivers and business. Finding yourself both a good deal and a reliable agency is the main challenge involved.

In terms of joining an escort agency I would first suggest that you target agencies with a niche which you fulfil, if you are asian in London, join an Asian Escort Agency?, if you are busty maybe join a busty agency and if you are highly educated and super-sexy, maybe you have what it takes to become an elite or international escort.

Taking the time to research agencies before joining is definitely a great idea, you can do this through:

1. Reading reviews on websites such as: 2. Making sure their girls are verified (some choose not to anyway) on websites such as Adult work.

3. Staying active in forums can be a great way of meeting like-minded people and networking. Reviews, black-lists, escort photographers, web-design, SEO, escort agencies and punters can all be found on relevant forums such as:

4. Contact the escort agency to clarify their terms, conditions and legitimacy.

Becoming an Independent Escort

Becoming an independent escort is much easier said than done. It takes time, dedication, beauty and great photographs amongst much, much more. You must be business savvy, you must be very careful to look after yourself and you much be professional and reliable. If you think you have what it takes read on.

The first thing to take in to account as mentioned briefly above is what unique selling points you have, if you were a product how would you market yourself? At some point you may have to start a website and promote your business online so what makes you special and why would clients choose to book you?

  • Are your services amazing?
    Are you beautiful?
    Are you a party girl?
    What is your ethnicity/nationality?
    Do you have an interesting body type?
    Is your location highly-desirable?
    Are you experienced?
When you have decided this you can start to think about how you will plan your business. I would first suggest that you start a website, find protection and a driver. You may or may not want to take the calls yourself so a receptionist roll might also be worthwhile if you can afford it.

Whilst you can 'do it on the cheap' to be truly successful substantial investment will be needed. Some of the most popular independent escorts in London spend over £1000 a month just on adult SEO to market their website.

Marketing your website online is a great way of improving your business and in this day and age there are even social media websites created to allow escorts to connect with clients in their area. Some of these include BumPix and Sexy Socials. Whilst I wouldn't solely rely on these I would definitely recommend them as a cheap and easy way to increase your traffic. Other social media accounts can be used such as Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Snapchat to increase your exposure online- however be careful what you post.

This post took me a lot of time to write so I really hope it helped you. If you can think of anything I missed then please let me know and I will update this post as soon as possible.

After years in the industry it's important to me that new escorts are educated before jumping in the deep end as I know how hard it can be to become successful.

If I helped you please feel free to comment and let me know!

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Thank you for taking the time to upload this information, I am new to the escorting community with my Newcastle escort agency and have found the post to be very helpful. Perhaps you can check out my website as any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
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and your feedback are very important for us.
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Feel free to add any missing information!
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It's been so overdue for me to study these forums, thank you so much for the insightful info! grin I'd love some feedback for my working progress website: - I realise it's a lot harder for men to establish themselves as an escort, than it is for any advice, help, suggestions are genuinely welcome.

Love from Dark Choc x
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Im a transvestite from Serbia. What is a procedure to apply for a moving to uk in order to work as an escort? Thank you
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@Mariyannah Thank you for your interest! If you are interested in joining our agency, please visit our employment page found here:
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@DarkChoc - As an independent escort you may find it slightly more difficult to find work as you are solely responsible for promoting yourself.

Like any business, marketing and SEO is imperative when trying to improve your online presence.

I would suggest learning about 'Search Engine Optimisation' or even better, hiring an SEO team to work for you on your project. You may not see instant results however over a 3-6 month span you will most likely see a return on your money so long as you are offering what clients want.

Alternative routes to increasing traffic to your website include listing on relevant directories and ensuring that your website is optimised for SEO, frequently updated and abides by googles Terms of Service. Improving your page-speed and mobile-responsiveness may also be a positive way to improve the power of your website.

Think about your website as a business, aim to provide what customers are looking for and at the highest standard possible. So long as you aim to build a quality resource for visitors I have no doubt that you will be able to establish yourself as an escort.
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@Mariyannah - If you are interested in moving to the UK to become an escort, try visiting the following thread:
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Thanks for the reply @londontsescort

however, in my vanilla life, I'm a self-employed graphic designer (, so am very aware of social media, marketing, advertising, SEO, direct mail, etc as have designed both my websites myself using WIX (which has a built-in SEO wizard). I also use MailChimp & Wix for e-campaigns and am constantly using these methods to grow a following, including attending kinkster events.

I was hoping for more useful info in regards to my site, obtaining and keeping clientele and the best social sites for ethnic men. I'm also on BumPix, Sexy Socials, Adult Party Place / Connect 4 Fun, FetLife and of course, PornHub. I've just started a profile on EscortApp too. So apart from all I'm already doing, can anyone suggest any further?

Thanks again,
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Thanks for your post and appreciation. Yes Bumpix is a great social networking directory where you get to connect with the top hot sexy and stunning Manchester Escorts across the country. Here all listed escorts always ready to be naughty with you.