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Hello admin please help me - I am a website developer and SEO specialist in India, I have many sites of first page of google in Delhi and the keyword is Delhi Escorts and now i am planning to make a site for UK, London. I know this is very hard to bring a site on google 1st page and the keyword like "london escorts" or "delhi escorts" but i have done it from last 4 years and now i can do it in any city of the world..

My point is that - if i bring one site on google first page in keywords "London Escorts" what i will get by giving this site on rent to a escorts agency? any one will help me about this?

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Firstly you're right the keyword "London Escorts" is very very difficult. We know agencies that spend years doing SEO and are still on page 4, 5 or even higher.

Agencies spend around £1000 per month on SEO to try and get this keyword and a substantial amount of work goes into it as you probably know. Escort agencies in London also spend around £2000 on directory advertising. At least this is true for the larger agencies.

The great benefit to being on page 1 for London escorts is that an agency can decrease their spend on directory advertising. What's the point in advertising in directories if you already have page 1 positions yourself.

With our connections in the London arena we could definitely help you to broker a deal. I think the biggest problem from an agency perspective would be guarantees. A rental basis would mean you could take the site back so having a simple yearly contract in place would probably be beneficial to both parties.

Keep me posted as to how it goes.
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First of all thanks you admin to reply me question.
Yes there is no doubt that keyword like london escorts is a hectic work at will takes at least 1 year for me to come on first page or even it may takes 2 years also can not sure i can do it within one year..

So my question is that.. what i will get by giving my sites to a escorts agency in london in a month or in a years. because i will have to work more then a year and it will be very hard work to do it.
if i will give my sites to agency then i think i should get around £15000 in a month or more.

is it possible... ?
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London escorts I would say is one of the hardest keywords in the whole of the seo industry before gambling ect.. There is just so much black hatting which goes on and it makes your job 10 times more difficult! I have took the natural seo techniques and I now have position 1 for London escorts which I honestly thought would be impossible to do and this took me around 1 year and 6 months to do.

Delhi and London are definitely two different markets and I would still say London is the hardest area in the world for adult SEO!
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I don't know why people are still depending on Keywords rather than great content. If you post great content on similar theme which suits your website then your site will definitely rank on Google. So focusing on content is the key. As i am focusing on my website London Escort Post.
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Discussing about keywords, we need to bring in vision importance of unique and grammatically-correct content first of all. Though keywords are important to bring your business online, these should be used as ‘LSI’ to make it in sentence properly so that it would not sound unfriendly. Here at Adult Web SEO, we create content user-friendly keeping in mind usage of keywords to emphasize certain product/service.
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I find that SEO, advertisement and marketing budgets vary within London depending on the keywords you are targeting too. Whilst Asian London Escorts may be relatively low-cost, you're right by saying London Escorts alone is quite a difficult keyword.

Competition is very rough right now and I believe research, respecting your competitors and recruiting the right models definitely plays a part in being successful.

Another part of being successful in this industry is ensuring that your girls are verified or you have reviews!

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I am also working on London Escorts keywords but due to blackhat not possible to get top ranking when my website is on 3-5 pages after 1-2 months it goes back and currently not in Google but start again working on London escorts keywords with some new website.
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